Thursday, February 1, 2018

So what is so big about this new release? It is our our first launch (it is a little unlikely) — I think you will find that there are few printers who offer Remittance / donation envelopes in small quantities and in full color. Not to mention, you can buy them directly from our website! In the age of advancing digital technology there are still certain practical projects that other printers stray away from.

We offer solutions that allow us great success in producing your remittance envelopes digitally, allowing you to order the quantity that you need in the colors that you want without breaking the bank!

63/4 Remittance Envelopes or a  #9 Remittance Envelopes

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Here are some suggestions on how to use these envelopes
1).  Request for action (generally money) in publications - we can insert or staple them in
2).  They can be sent as a letter campaign - they will fit into a #10 envelope
3).  Use at special events - have them on tables for patrons to fill out and leave or mail back donations
4).  They are often used in churches

Like any digital product, a change in quantity or customization effects the efficiency of running a job, and it makes sense to switch to a press. If you are looking for different options or larger quantities, give us a call 440-591-5443 or email and we will get customized quotes for you! 

Sizes -
smaller - 6 3/4 Remittance envelopes are 6.5 x 7 and when folded 3.625 x 6.5
larger - #9 Remittance envelopes are 7.625 x 8.875 and when folded 3.875 x 8.875

Here is an inside diagram that shows the layout - you can download our templates or if you need help - we have an option for you when you purchase at our online store - we will work with you and customize the design.

When you go to our template page - the graphic below illustrates our downloads and templates for both the 6 3/4 & #9 remits - click here  to go to the page to get live downloads and templates!

Below we more pictures that illustrate how these envelopes really work.

Here is the envelope in a flat perspective. You have to remember you have glue areas with the envelopes, so certain areas you do not want to print on. When you look at our templates - you will see the areas we recommend you stay away from! The information that is on the inside of the envelope will all be protected once the envelope is closed and sealed
When you fold the envelope closed, they will fit easily into a regular envelope (if you want to include them with a mailing campaign).
You can see the glue at the top of the inside of the envelope - it measures down approximately .5 inches from the top. You have to remember that the glue will stick on the bottom - Keep in mind that there is a cut away on the inside of the envelope (so you can tuck stuff into the envelope).  Please review our templates to make sure your layout is accurate.

Example: remittance envelope being opened after it has been received

We recommend that you open them with a letter opener very carefully so that you don't tear any information that is close to the glue area. 

If you need help laying out the remit envelope accurately please see our templates page. Want us to layout your envelope for you? Let us know, our design department is happy to help! If you are purchasing online, please indicate that you would like to purchase design services for your project in the job details. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Okay - I am finding that all of this social media stuff is kicking our butts over here at POV Solutions!  We have several exciting things going on and I honestly have been working on all of our social media campaigns.  In fact, we now have four of us in the office who are responsible for updating - contributing, etc.  We are all struggle with finding the hours - So you're stuck with us and what we can get done!

However - one very important thing that is happening this weekend is Memorial Day. What is Memorial Day and what does it really mean? I did a little research -

See the POV Video - retiring the colors

"Memorial Day, an American holiday observed on the last Monday of May, honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, at least, it marks the beginning of summer." 
Source -

"The holiday got started on May 30, 1868, when Union General John A. Logan declared the day an occasion to decorate the graves of Civil War soldiers. Twenty years later, the name was changed to Memorial Day. On May 11, 1950, Congress passed a resolution requesting that the President issue a proclamation calling on Americans to observe each Memorial Day as a day of prayer for permanent peace and designating a period on that day when the people of the United States might unite in prayer. President Richard M. Nixon declared Memorial Day a federal holiday in 1971. Memorial Day is now observed on the last Monday of May. It is an occasion to honor the men and women who died in all wars."
Source -

Doug Perry, United States Air Force, Vietnam
So what does it really mean for the POV family?  I think when we all stop to think about it - we all either have members of our family or close friends who have been involved with the military.  Some who have given their lives to give us this great country we live in.  We have had several employees over the years who have served - 2 who are on our staff right now.

John Bersee,
Unites States
Air Force,
Yesterday we all gathered outside of our building around the flagpole that my dad was adamant that we put up at our new facility.  At the time, we all teased my dad about the flag pole that is large enough that it could be used at Progressive field - but yesterday - I was glad that we have it - and really did understand the importance of the flagpole - and the entire event.

We had a flag that was flying that looked as if it had seen battle too - so we decided to retire it and replace it with a new flag to show our support as a group for the United States of America and all of those who have served.  

Jack - Flag Flying High at PO
Yes - we have several younger folks on our staff who I don't think have ever have been to an official military flag ceremony - but we all came together and respectably retired the old flag and recited the Pledge of the Allegiance as we hoisted the new flag.

In fact - Jack, who was out yesterday, came in this morning and immediately noticed that the flag had been changed and was happy to see the new colors flying over the building (to those who don't know Jack - he is one of our adults with disabilities who has worked with us for at least 10 years).

As you're going through this busy weekend full of fun events - do think about it and all of the sacrifices so many have made for all of us.  If you see folks in uniform - walk up and shake their hands - buy them that cup of coffee and say thanks. 

I am always amazed with my two little boys who always "hunt out" the military folks especially when we are traveling - at restaurants, at rest stops, etc. and run over and say thanks and shake hands.  On our last road  trip, we had a moment of fear when the kids had disappeared, but we soon found them with their new friends from the National Guard traveling South for training- both kids were sitting in the front of the Humvee. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

An average vacation for the Yuhasz family - a stop at a customer's on the way!
Owen gets ready to unload 2 skids of notepads for the Ohio State Parks
Okay - I am a little behind this week.  Once you hear about this past weekend you'll understand.  This story should be easy to tie together though - a little fun and a lot of work!

One of the things that most of our customers will admit to is that we really try hard to make everyone happy.  In our business we are only as good as our customer service and sometimes - yes -even we make a mistake! This led to a family road trip to Deer Creek State Park this past weekend in Mt Sterling Ohio, just south west of Columbus Ohio for those out-of-towners.  This trip included 2 skids, the POV van, 1,500lbs.of notepads, wife and 2 kids - what could be better!

Deer Creek State Park, Operated by Xanterra
Susie and the kids have just accepted that part of family fun and vacations include a few business stops along the way!

Let me tell you about Deer Creek and the five other Ohio State Parks we service; Maumee Bay, Mohican, Salt Fork,& Punderson,  We have serviced this account for almost 20 years.  We produce a wide range of products for the parks from basic business cards to the brochures and folders that are used to promote the facilities.

This has to be one of the nicest groups of people we have worked for and that can be a hard endorsement to get from the POV crew!  They are friendly, professional and extremely accommodating with everything they do.  We had the opportunity to spend the night at Deer Creek this past weekend and we were greeted by a great staff, an unbelievable view when you walk into the main lobby of a wonderful lake - dinner that was awesome, a safe place for the kids to blow off steam and a huge bonfire on the beach.  I can't say enough about the parks and their facilities.  I would strongly urge you to think of the parks as you plan your next weekend getaway or family business function.

Now for some of the fun!  Many of you know our family likes to spend time at Cedar Point and have started traveling to the other Cedar Fair properties to explore.  King's Island was only 30 minutes away from Deer Creek - so it was a perfect destination!  Needless to say we had a great time and it was nice to get this year's roller coaster season underway!  My stomach and vertigo issues  maybe not as excited as The Beast and Diamondback rides lived up to their names!

Left to right Chris, Matt Heller,  Greg Elliot, Peter Bolek
This visit brings me to my next order of business - my good friend Matt Heller.  Matt and I grew up together and shared many life experiences together - I think I will leave it at that to protect the innocent.  As we enjoyed our day at the park, we came across a staff of younger, eager, seasonal kids trying to make their way in this crazy society we live in. If you ever stopped to think about it - your placing your life in the hands of this young adult "crew" as these rides hurdle you at  speeds and turns that no "dad" - or any human being - should ever experience!

Matt is a leadership, customer service, employee motivation & teamwork consultant.  Matt shared with us that he had just been at King's Island the week before training the staff.  My hat is off to Matt to working with the younger crowd getting them ready for working in this difficult service industry - I am living proof of Matt's success as I am still alive to write this blog.  Matt is a great guy and I would recommend him for anyone looking to motivate / train / or kick in the butt of any group or staff!  Matt can you come and help the Browns? -  check out his web - Performance Optimist Consulting.

My mother-in-law tells me I go on too much - but I am going as fast as I can!  Let's spend a minute on Seven Barks.  I had hinted last time that we got a little exposure in Country Living this past issue.

Here is our Seven Barks pitch - Seven Barks, part of POV is our unique specialty paper company right here in Chagrin Falls, Ohio that makes vintage inspired goods. We like to keep the past alive by celebrating the American experience between animals and people. Seven Barks curates a whimsical and nostalgic collection of authentic vintage photos, mostly from the 1920's, 30's and 40's that remind everyone of our nation's love affair with our animals. Our current collections feature canine, equine, farm/fair, and fishing themes.  We produce everything in-house and utilize our disabled work force to assemble almost all of our product.  The reason I say our - is that we use these same folks in our regular printing facility as well.

Country Living

Check Out Our Seven Barks 2016 Catalog

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Where it all started!

Hello and yes - I am going to try this to see if I can really get it all working.  I could tell my entire story but it would take several years and would sound something like "Forest Gump".  So I am going to start simple.   Over the years I would say my best education has come from trial and error and asking a lot of questions.  I have tried to surround myself with "Experts" on life lessons and plan on sharing these experts and their life views in how it plays through in my life with my family, business and of course play

Yes I know this is a process - so I hope maybe I can get a few to read my stories. 

 My wife "Susie" puts up with a lot of my stories and came up with the name of my blog - pretty good, huh!  We pride ourselves on our family effort with about everything we do.

Many of my friends already know "Linda" - but for those of you who don't, Linda is my awesome mother-in-law, writer of "A Toile Tale" blog.  Check it out! She and I have been through a lot together of the years.  We've seen good and bad but have been able to put together a good team effort.  I never know what to call "Linda" or her husband "Larry" - so for blogging I consider this a business venture of sorts - so we will refer to her as Linda.

Linda is an excellent blogger and I have asked for help to get myself setup and rolling.  She asked my to throw together a few things so I can get the ball rolling - so I promise as we move forward I will be better prepared.  You will hear Linda's name used in a lot of my blogging - we have great adventures!

Dr. Mary Alice Dye, my Masters Graduate Adviser, would be proud of my efforts to write and communicate - but she did ask for me to make sure I could do others things really well because my writing efforts were a little questionable.  So if your going to follow along through my stories - you will have to over look the grammatical components.  My brain just goes so fast and I can only get it out so fast before I forget!

So to keep this short - Many already know who I am and know that I run this fantastic printing company called Persistence Of Vision

 located in the stotybook village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  

We are going into our 24th year of operation and like to believe that we still do it right.  In this ever changing market we have continued to advance our staff and technology to keep up with the trends - hence this blog.  We have been spending hours over the last months trying to get our on-line presence rolling - check out our new website -  We even have some free stuff up there!  We are really trying to get something back from our investment.

And then there is Seven Barks - another story for another day (with stiff drink in your hand).  

Seven Barks is a stationery business that features the sporting life though paper products and really cool images.  The website is  Seven Barks has been in business for about 7 years.  We print all of our product right here at our printing facility in Chagrin and use a disabled adult work force to help assemble or product.  

I'll be sharing my life lessons and my life views.  Subscribe and be entertained!