Thursday, February 1, 2018

So what is so big about this new release? It is our our first launch (it is a little unlikely) — I think you will find that there are few printers who offer Remittance / donation envelopes in small quantities and in full color. Not to mention, you can buy them directly from our website! In the age of advancing digital technology there are still certain practical projects that other printers stray away from.

We offer solutions that allow us great success in producing your remittance envelopes digitally, allowing you to order the quantity that you need in the colors that you want without breaking the bank!

63/4 Remittance Envelopes or a  #9 Remittance Envelopes

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Here are some suggestions on how to use these envelopes
1).  Request for action (generally money) in publications - we can insert or staple them in
2).  They can be sent as a letter campaign - they will fit into a #10 envelope
3).  Use at special events - have them on tables for patrons to fill out and leave or mail back donations
4).  They are often used in churches

Like any digital product, a change in quantity or customization effects the efficiency of running a job, and it makes sense to switch to a press. If you are looking for different options or larger quantities, give us a call 440-591-5443 or email and we will get customized quotes for you! 

Sizes -
smaller - 6 3/4 Remittance envelopes are 6.5 x 7 and when folded 3.625 x 6.5
larger - #9 Remittance envelopes are 7.625 x 8.875 and when folded 3.875 x 8.875

Here is an inside diagram that shows the layout - you can download our templates or if you need help - we have an option for you when you purchase at our online store - we will work with you and customize the design.

When you go to our template page - the graphic below illustrates our downloads and templates for both the 6 3/4 & #9 remits - click here  to go to the page to get live downloads and templates!

Below we more pictures that illustrate how these envelopes really work.

Here is the envelope in a flat perspective. You have to remember you have glue areas with the envelopes, so certain areas you do not want to print on. When you look at our templates - you will see the areas we recommend you stay away from! The information that is on the inside of the envelope will all be protected once the envelope is closed and sealed
When you fold the envelope closed, they will fit easily into a regular envelope (if you want to include them with a mailing campaign).
You can see the glue at the top of the inside of the envelope - it measures down approximately .5 inches from the top. You have to remember that the glue will stick on the bottom - Keep in mind that there is a cut away on the inside of the envelope (so you can tuck stuff into the envelope).  Please review our templates to make sure your layout is accurate.

Example: remittance envelope being opened after it has been received

We recommend that you open them with a letter opener very carefully so that you don't tear any information that is close to the glue area. 

If you need help laying out the remit envelope accurately please see our templates page. Want us to layout your envelope for you? Let us know, our design department is happy to help! If you are purchasing online, please indicate that you would like to purchase design services for your project in the job details.